Cassiopea Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Montanstahl AG (“Montanstahl” or the “Group”) in the acquisition of Siderval S.p.A. (“Siderval” or the “Company”), an Italian leading manufacturer of hot extruded engineered shapes in steel, special alloys and titanium profiles.

Founded in 1972 in Talamona (Northern Italy), Siderval is a market leader in the production of hot extruded profiles, serving several sectors including material handling, buildings & constructions, power generation, in-house handling, agricultural machinery and aerospace. The Company is able to manufacture complex seamless profiles, for mass production as well as small volumes, in a wide variety of grades, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and super alloys.

Founded in 1983, Montanstahl is one of the largest manufacturers of special steels and stainless-steel profiles in the world, specialising in high quality niche applications. The Group’s main markets are Europe and United States with production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and the US.

With the acquisition of Siderval, Montanstahl gains the control over the second hot extrusion production hub in Europe. This will allow the Group to further expand its presence in international markets, exploit important production and commercial synergies, and strengthen its position in the niche of custom profiles in steel. The entry of Siderval into the Montanstahl Group is another major step towards fulfilling the goal of becoming the one stop solution provider reference for special steel profiles and stainless-steel structural profiles in the world.

With this transaction, Cassiopea Partners further reinforces its experience in the industrial space and the ability to identify ideal targets and strategic solutions for its industrial clients.


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