Cassiopea values its people who, along with our reputation, are our most valuable asset and make us the hard working and intellectually-driven team who strives to provide its Clients with high standards of excellence and to help them achieve their goals

At Cassiopea you’ll find successful senior professional leading our team and working hands-on throughout all stages and activities of our client relationshipsOur people work in partnership to ensure that our clients are able to fully realize the benefits of our team of talented professionals. We are proud of the strong and open culture that exists within our firm. We treat all of our colleagues with the utmost respect

Working at Cassiopea is strongly demanding, as well as most rewarding in terms of career experiences

Our ability to deliver excellence stems from our focus of putting together a talented, creative, highly-motivated, team-oriented team

If you are best-in-class in what you do, we want to hear from you


Piazza Cavour, 1 20121, Milano,, Cassiopea Partners 2018 - P.I. 07930880963

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