We assist our client in developing new ideas, identifying and pursuing strategic options to enhance shareholders’ value. Our services include advisory assignments with respect to merger and acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, capital raising and other strategic corporate transactions with a specific focus on the Italian market.


We sit next to our clients in order to provide confidential, tailored and tactical support in seeking opportunities to grow in evaluating strategic options. Our activities include:

   Selection of potential targets or buyers
 Review and analysis of financial and strategic options
 Advise on transaction structures, timing, pricing and potential financing
 Fairness opinions and Special committee advisory
 Advise on company positioning and presentation materials for potential buyers
 Transactions negotiation, execution and closing


We help lenders and borrowers in assessing the right debt objectives and
strategy, in the selection of the right products and providers, and support
clients during the negotiation of terms.

General strategic and transaction-specific advice on structuring, arrangement
and restructuring for debt related projects

Selection and implementation of appropriate financing instrument including,
bank facilities, straight and convertible bonds, private placements

Specific expertise on real estate financing, securitization and structured finance,
leveraged loans, high yield and mezzanine debt, hedging and derivatives

Advise on specific issues such as covenant re-sets and amendments

Special committee advisory and opinions on debt related matters


We assist corporates and financial institutions to review strategic options and
provide advise to access domestic and international Capital Markets in the most effective way

General and transaction specific advice on equity financing, equity linked insurance, derivatives structures and buy backs

Professional support in assessing and managing Initial Public Offer (IPO) process

Advice and assistance in preparing presentations, documents, and other relevant materials for analysts, investors and regulators Advise with regards to selection of underwriters, offer structure, timing and target investors


Our restructuring advisory business to debtors and creditors both in-court
and out-of-court, provides support to clients in devising and implementing
a restructuring plan.

Support management in assessing strategic options.

Financial and operating conditions assessment.

Business plan analysis, liquidity needs, and debt capacity assessment.

Advise on raising additional capital from alternative sources.

Advise on potential asset disposal.

Negotiate with debt and equity holders to restructure existing debt, equity
obligation, as well as other corporate liabilities.


Piazza Cavour, 1 20121, Milano


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